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Spanish Education at Brooklyn Amity School

A Journey That Begins in Kindergarten and Thrives Through the Years..

At Brooklyn Amity School, we believe in nurturing young minds and preparing our students to become global citizens from the very beginning of their educational journey. Our commitment to this vision is evident in our Spanish language program, which starts in kindergarten and extends seamlessly through elementary, middle school, and high school. Led by our passionate educator, Ms. Arevalo, our Spanish classes are a dynamic experience that empowers students to learn through diverse perspectives and exciting activities.

A Multigenerational Learning Adventure:

Our Spanish program is designed to grow with our students, creating a continuum of language learning that spans their entire academic career. Here's a glimpse of how our students are mastering Spanish through various stages of their education:

1. Kindergarten Adventures: Kindergarten students immerse themselves in the world of language through interactive and playful games conducted entirely in Spanish.

2. Drama and Storytelling: As students progress through elementary school, drama becomes a captivating way to learn Spanish. They act out scenes and stories, not only improving their language proficiency but also enhancing their cultural awareness. Our elementary students are budding linguists and performers!

3. Short Films for Middle Schoolers: In middle school, students take their language skills to the next level by creating short movies in Spanish. This innovative approach not only hones their linguistic abilities but also fosters creativity and teamwork.

High School Mastery: By the time our students reach high school, they are well on their way to becoming fluent in Spanish. The curriculum becomes more advanced, encompassing literature, history, and culture. Our high schoolers not only communicate confidently in Spanish but also engage deeply with the language's rich cultural heritage.

A Holistic Learning Experience:

Ms. Arevalo's classes are more than language lessons; they are a gateway to a world of knowledge and understanding. Through various activities, students experience the benefits of bilingualism:

Cultural Immersion: Our curriculum ensures students develop a profound appreciation for the cultures, traditions, and histories of Spanish-speaking countries.

Critical Thinking: Learning through different perspectives cultivates critical thinking skills, enabling our students to navigate complex global issues with empathy and insight.

Lifelong Connections: As students progress through the program, they form bonds with their fellow learners, creating a supportive community of bilingual students.

A Heartfelt Gratitude:

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Arevalo for her dedication and commitment to providing a diverse and engaging Spanish education. Her passion enriches the lives of our students and prepares them for a future where multiculturalism and multilingualism are valued.

Brooklyn Amity School is proud to offer a comprehensive Spanish program that not only equips our students with language skills but also fosters a deep appreciation for the world's diversity. As our students journey through kindergarten to high school, they become not just fluent Spanish speakers but global citizens who are prepared to thrive in an interconnected world.



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