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3K & PRE-K

Free 3K

Introducing Our FREE 3-K Enrichment Program: Nurturing Early Learning at Brooklyn Amity School

In the upcoming school year 2023-2024, Brooklyn Amity School is excited to introduce a FREE 3-K program, aiming to offer a progressive early-childhood enrichment experience to 3-year-olds. This initiative is designed to provide families with the opportunity to introduce their children to the foundations of learning at an earlier stage.

Our comprehensive 3-year-old enrichment program features an integrated curriculum that fosters emotional, social, physical, and intellectual development. Through engaging activities, we aim to enhance children's self-esteem, nurture their sense of competence, develop fundamental motor skills, and cultivate a positive attitude towards learning.

It's worth noting that students enrolled in our FREE 3-K program will be given priority consideration when applying for our FREE Pre-K program for the subsequent year. For additional details and to begin the application process, please visit our website.


Empowering Early Learners: Discover Our FREE Universal PreK Program at Brooklyn Amity School

At Brooklyn Amity School, in collaboration with the Department of Education, we are excited to offer a transformative educational experience for students who are four years old. Our FREE Universal PreK program provides an enriching and nurturing environment that includes standard lunch and expert instruction, ensuring a safe and supportive space for your child's early learning journey.

In the Universal PreK (UPK) program, we introduce students to new concepts and provide them with a solid foundation for a joyful learning experience. Our dedicated faculty focuses on the development of social, motor, and emotional skills, all while nurturing the growth of character and values. The four-year-old program seamlessly builds upon the concepts and activities introduced in our newly instituted FREE 3-K program.

Our UPK program is carefully designed to fully prepare students for the kindergarten level. We continue to offer an integrated curriculum that balances emotional, social, physical, and intellectual development. Through engaging and fun-filled activities, we foster children’s self-esteem, competence, basic motor skills, and a positive attitude towards learning.

But that's not all – our commitment to comprehensive development goes beyond the classroom. We provide a range of enriching electives that immerse young learners in a world of exploration and creativity, including Yoga/Dance, Foreign Language, Computers, Arts & Crafts, Gifted & Talented Preparation, Music, Physical Education, and Nature Walks.

With regular UPK hours from 8:30 am to 2:50 pm and the option of extended day hours until 6:00 pm, we ensure that your child's education is both flexible and comprehensive.


Join us at Brooklyn Amity School's FREE Universal PreK program and embark on a remarkable educational journey for your child.

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