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Elementary School Program

Discover Brooklyn Amity's Engaging Elementary Program

Brooklyn Amity School's Elementary Program is a dynamic learning environment dedicated to nurturing the foundational growth of students from Kindergarten through Grade 5. Our curriculum and engaging atmosphere are carefully designed to equip young learners with the essential building blocks of education.

With a strong emphasis on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), we are committed to preparing our students not only for their current studies but also for their transition to middle school. Our experienced faculty members not only challenge students academically but also provide unwavering support, encouragement, and recognition of their individual achievements.

At its core, Brooklyn Amity's elementary program offers a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum that empowers students with the knowledge and skills needed to become productive, successful, and active members of society.


To enrich the learning experience, our elementary program integrates elective studies, offering exciting and captivating areas of exploration for young students. These include:

  • Computers/Technology

  • Spanish

  • Music

  • Art


Starting from the 3rd grade, our students also take part in the New York State standardized examinations in English-Language Arts and Mathematics. In the 4th grade, they engage in the NYS Science examination, further ensuring their academic progress.

Beyond the classroom, our after-school enrichment program offers a variety of skill-building activities tailored to elementary-aged students. Whether it's joining the Book Club, exploring dance and drama, immersing in foreign languages, delving into coding and robotics, strategizing in chess, or engaging in the First Lego League, there's something for every young scholar to explore and enjoy.

Brooklyn Amity's Elementary Program is not only an educational journey but a pathway to fostering curiosity, confidence, and a lifelong passion for learning. Join us in this enriching adventure and watch your child thrive in our nurturing and vibrant community.

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Elementary School Engagements at Brooklyn Amity School:

Brooklyn Amity School's engagement programs offer a diverse range of enriching experiences for our students. Here are some of the exciting activities that contribute to our vibrant school community:


  • Short Story Challenge

  • Chess Tournament

  • Environmental Sustainability by Guest Speaker

  • Bronx Zoo Trip

  • Animal Farm & Pumpkin Picking

  • Tree Planting at Marine Park

  • Trip to American Museum of Natural History

  • Trip to Hayden Planetarium Space Theater

  • Trip to Botanical Garden

  • Trip to Coney Island LunaPark

  • Helping Hands / Sare's Recycle Project

  • Helping Hands / Cataract Surgery Project

  • Multicultural Day

  • Nutrition Workshop by Guest Speaker

  • Yoga Workshops and Self-Care (middle + elementary + high school)

  • Yoga Workshops 2

  • Yoga Workshops 3

  • End of the Year Party

  • Family Breakfast & Seminar for parents 1: Parent involvement

  • Family Visits

  • Winter Show

  • First Lego Team

  • Art Fair

  • Amity Carnival

  • Spelling Bees

  • Spelling Bees 2

  • Seminar For Parents 2: Understanding Bullying

  • Drama Club

  • Dance Club

  • Book Fair

  • Iftar with Parents

  • Missing Children Poster Contest

  • Student-Led News Program

  • Multidisciplinary Innovation

  • Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

  • IFLC - International Cultural Exchange

  • Field Day

These engaging activities foster creativity, teamwork, cultural understanding, wellness, and academic growth, enhancing the overall educational experience at Brooklyn Amity School.

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