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High School Engagements at Brooklyn Amity School:

Brooklyn Amity School's High School Engagements provide an exciting and diverse array of opportunities for our students to learn, grow, and thrive. These engagements are carefully curated to foster personal development, teamwork, creativity, and a global perspective. From enriching college trips that open doors to the future, to compassionate initiatives through our Helping Hands Club, our students are encouraged to make a positive impact on both their local and global communities. Our STEAM Fair ignites innovation, while spirited competitions like the Middle School vs. High School Volleyball Tournament and Students vs. Teachers Volleyball Tournament promote healthy rivalry and teamwork. Our commitment to diversity is celebrated during Multicultural Day, and we inspire future entrepreneurs through business ventures and visits. Government Institutional Visits to Washington DC provide unique insights, and our Career Expo equips students with pathways to success. Other engaging activities include picnics, dialogue-rich breakfasts, portfolio building, and enlightening guest speaker series. From academics to character-building, Brooklyn Amity School's High School Engagements ensure our students have a well-rounded, impactful, and memorable high school experience.

Exploring Tomorrow: College Trips
Compassionate Hearts: Helping Hands Club
Unleash Innovation: STEAM Fair
Courts Clash: Middle School vs. High School Volleyball Tournament
Friendly Rivalry: Students vs. Teachers Volleyball Tournament
Volleyball Clash 2: Middle School vs. High School Tournament (Round 2)
Showdown at the Net 2: Students vs. Teachers Volleyball Tournament (Round 2)
Mastering Spin: Students' Table Tennis Tournament
Table Tennis Thrills 2: Table Tennis Tournament (Round 2)
Embrace Diversity: Multicultural Day
Business Ventures: Entrepreneurial Visits
Capital Insights: Government Institutional Visits (Washington DC Weekend Trip)
Pathways Ahead: Career Expo
Outdoor Gathering: Picnic
Connect & Converse: Breakfast with Students
Forging Futures: Portfolio Building & College Applications
Family Insight: Breakfast with Parents
Generational Bond: Senior-Junior Breakfast
New Horizons: Freshman Orientation
Grateful Gathering: Frendsgiving Dinner
Express Yourself: Character Day Contest & Pumpkin Carving
Enlightening Talks: Guest Speaker Series
College-Ready: Practice PSAT TEST September Session Saturday
Shaping Futures: Resume Writing Workshop in Collaboration with YouthIsland
College Ready: College Prep Workshop in Collaboration with YouthIsland
Green Initiatives: Forest Restoration
Serving Others: IFLC Volunteering in Collaboration with YouthIsland
Memories Revisited: Senior-Alumni BBQ
Future Prospects: College Fair Field Trip at the Javits Center
Honoring Legacies: Black History Month Counsel Women Guest Speaker (February)
Global Impact: Humanitarian Trip
Spirited Competition: Field Day
Literary Expressions: Essay/Poetry Competitions
Spelling Brilliance: Spelling Bee
Celebrating Together: Iftar Dinner

Popcorn Theater

Middle School Engagements at Brooklyn Amity School:

Brooklyn Amity School offers a diverse array of engaging programs to enrich the educational journey of our students. From 6th Grade Orientation to dynamic events like the Art Fair and STEAM Fair - Pi Day, we ensure students experience a stimulating learning environment. Activities like hiking in the fall, field days at Marine Park, and specialized study plans for exams such as the SHSAT/PRE-SAT promote holistic growth. Our commitment to wellness is evident through Self-Care/Wellness Workshops and inviting guest speakers who cover mental health topics and yoga practices. We foster a strong sense of community with events like the Beginning of the Year Breakfast, Freshman Party, and multicultural celebrations. Enrichment continues through diverse clubs, sports tournaments, educational trips, and programs like the Math and Science Olympiads, promoting a well-rounded education for every student.

  • 6th Grade Orientation

  • Art Fair

  • STEAM Fair - Pi Day

  • Hiking at the Fall

  • Field Day at Marine Park

  • SHSAT/PRE-SAT Study Plan for students preparing for the SHSAT exam

  • Math Museum Visit (MOEMS)

  • Wagner College Planetarium

  • National History Museum

  • Self-Care/Wellness Workshop 1

  • Inviting Guest Speakers about wellness and mental health (monthly or quarterly), including Yoga and Self-Care Workshop - Workshop 2

  • Self-Care/Wellness Workshop 3

  • Beginning of the Year Breakfast for Middle School Students

  • 8th Grade Freshman Party (After School)

  • Senior Trip

  • Parents' Breakfast with a Workshop on Effective Parenting

  • Thanksgiving Lunch

  • Middle School Iftar Dinner

  • Parents Iftar Dinner

  • Sushi Party

  • Movie Night

  • Table Tennis Tournament

  • Chess Tournament

  • Tennis Tournament

  • Mini Film Festival/Competition

  • Inviting Guest Speakers from Different Jobs and Careers/Career Fair

  • Guest Speaker for Study Skills and Time Management (former students)

  • Home Visits

  • Multicultural Day

  • Book Fair

  • Science Club

  • Math Club

  • Art Club

  • Cooking Club

  • Volleyball Club

  • Jogging Club

  • Art Trip

  • Back to School Night

  • Bowling

  • Soccer

  • Fishing

  • Trampoline Park

  • Science Olympiad

  • Math Olympiad

  • Reading Program and Competition

  • Mathcount Competition

  • Math Olympiad Trip

  • Math Olympiad Working Camp

  • Forest Restoration

  • Black History Month Guest Speaker

  • Student-Run Clubs (Middle School Helping Hands)

  • Peer Mentoring (Middle-High School)

  • Helping Hands for Middle School

elementary school engagements.heic

Elementary School Engagements at Brooklyn Amity School:

Brooklyn Amity School's engagement programs offer a diverse range of enriching experiences for our students. Here are some of the exciting activities that contribute to our vibrant school community:


  • Short Story Challenge

  • Chess Tournament

  • Environmental Sustainability by Guest Speaker

  • Bronx Zoo Trip

  • Animal Farm & Pumpkin Picking

  • Tree Planting at Marine Park

  • Trip to American Museum of Natural History

  • Trip to Hayden Planetarium Space Theater

  • Trip to Botanical Garden

  • Trip to Coney Island LunaPark

  • Helping Hands / Sare's Recycle Project

  • Helping Hands / Cataract Surgery Project

  • Multicultural Day

  • Nutrition Workshop by Guest Speaker

  • Yoga Workshops and Self-Care (middle + elementary + high school)

  • Yoga Workshops 2

  • Yoga Workshops 3

  • End of the Year Party

  • Family Breakfast & Seminar for parents 1: Parent involvement

  • Family Visits

  • Winter Show

  • First Lego Team

  • Art Fair

  • Amity Carnival

  • Spelling Bees

  • Spelling Bees 2

  • Seminar For Parents 2: Understanding Bullying

  • Drama Club

  • Dance Club

  • Book Fair

  • Iftar with Parents

  • Missing Children Poster Contest

  • Student-Led News Program

  • Multidisciplinary Innovation

  • Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

  • IFLC - International Cultural Exchange

  • Field Day

These engaging activities foster creativity, teamwork, cultural understanding, wellness, and academic growth, enhancing the overall educational experience at Brooklyn Amity School.

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