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High School

High School Program

Elevating Futures: The High School Journey at Brooklyn Amity

Our expansive High School Program (Grades 9-12) serves as the pinnacle of academic advancement at Brooklyn Amity, offering a robust and college-preparatory curriculum that serves as the final stepping stone for students to refine their academic prowess and emerge as empowered contributors to society.


Through an array of innovative courses such as Zoology, American Sign Language, Financial Literacy, Coding, and App Building, students graduate equipped with a profound global perspective and a heightened sense of personal responsibility that seamlessly transitions to the university level.

Within Brooklyn Amity's high school program, our dedicated and experienced educators serve as guiding beacons, propelling students towards their educational aspirations. We nurture the development of sound academic decisions, encourage the exploration of individual interests, unveil latent potential, open doors to boundless opportunities, and empower students to embrace lifelong learning. High school becomes an arena for cultivating independence, where students are inspired to venture into uncharted territories, uncover novel prospects, and relentlessly pursue their passions. In essence, we foster a mindset where learning is an exhilarating odyssey and achievement is the outcome of dedication, ardor, and perseverance.

High school students traverse the realm of required Regents examinations, a pivotal step in their academic journey. For a comprehensive overview of our Graduation Requirements, kindly refer to the provided link below.

Supplementing our robust academic framework are a plethora of enriching ventures. High school students actively engage in captivating after-school programs and clubs. 

In addition, select high school scholars have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in our ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM. This initiative propels students into the realm of real-world business by undertaking school-based ventures. One notable success is Brooklyn-Blended, a student-operated juice and smoothie bar that has become a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit within our halls.

At Brooklyn Amity School, our unwavering commitment to college preparedness is palpable. Our resolute dedication to instilling foundational skills paves the way for university success.


Our proud alumni have achieved acceptance into esteemed four-year institutions, a testament to their hard work and our nurturing environment. Notable universities include Fordham, NYU, Manhattan College, Stevens Institute of Technology, Washington State, Penn State, UCLA, University of Miami, Sarah Lawrence, UCONN, UMASS, Virginia Tech, UC Berkeley, University of Arizona, St. John’s, Northeastern, and many more. For a comprehensive list of College Acceptances, kindly refer to the provided link below.

At Brooklyn Amity School, we are not only shaping scholars; we are shaping leaders, innovators, and lifelong learners ready to seize every opportunity that the future holds.

Sydney University

High School Engagements at Brooklyn Amity School:

Brooklyn Amity School's High School Engagements provide an exciting and diverse array of opportunities for our students to learn, grow, and thrive. These engagements are carefully curated to foster personal development, teamwork, creativity, and a global perspective. From enriching college trips that open doors to the future, to compassionate initiatives through our Helping Hands Club, our students are encouraged to make a positive impact on both their local and global communities. Our STEAM Fair ignites innovation, while spirited competitions like the Middle School vs. High School Volleyball Tournament and Students vs. Teachers Volleyball Tournament promote healthy rivalry and teamwork. Our commitment to diversity is celebrated during Multicultural Day, and we inspire future entrepreneurs through business ventures and visits. Government Institutional Visits to Washington DC provide unique insights, and our Career Expo equips students with pathways to success. Other engaging activities include picnics, dialogue-rich breakfasts, portfolio building, and enlightening guest speaker series. From academics to character-building, Brooklyn Amity School's High School Engagements ensure our students have a well-rounded, impactful, and memorable high school experience.

Exploring Tomorrow: College Trips
Compassionate Hearts: Helping Hands Club
Unleash Innovation: STEAM Fair
Courts Clash: Middle School vs. High School Volleyball Tournament
Friendly Rivalry: Students vs. Teachers Volleyball Tournament
Volleyball Clash 2: Middle School vs. High School Tournament (Round 2)
Showdown at the Net 2: Students vs. Teachers Volleyball Tournament (Round 2)
Mastering Spin: Students' Table Tennis Tournament
Table Tennis Thrills 2: Table Tennis Tournament (Round 2)
Embrace Diversity: Multicultural Day
Business Ventures: Entrepreneurial Visits
Capital Insights: Government Institutional Visits (Washington DC Weekend Trip)
Pathways Ahead: Career Expo
Outdoor Gathering: Picnic
Connect & Converse: Breakfast with Students
Forging Futures: Portfolio Building & College Applications
Family Insight: Breakfast with Parents
Generational Bond: Senior-Junior Breakfast
New Horizons: Freshman Orientation
Grateful Gathering: Frendsgiving Dinner
Express Yourself: Character Day Contest & Pumpkin Carving
Enlightening Talks: Guest Speaker Series
College-Ready: Practice PSAT TEST September Session Saturday
Shaping Futures: Resume Writing Workshop in Collaboration with YouthIsland
College Ready: College Prep Workshop in Collaboration with YouthIsland
Green Initiatives: Forest Restoration
Serving Others: IFLC Volunteering in Collaboration with YouthIsland
Memories Revisited: Senior-Alumni BBQ
Future Prospects: College Fair Field Trip at the Javits Center
Honoring Legacies: Black History Month Counsel Women Guest Speaker (February)
Global Impact: Humanitarian Trip
Spirited Competition: Field Day
Literary Expressions: Essay/Poetry Competitions
Spelling Brilliance: Spelling Bee
Celebrating Together: Iftar Dinner

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