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Admissions Process

3K & PRE-K

Important Notice for 3K & Pre-K Enrollment

*Please note that for UPK enrollment, you should also submit an application through the Department of Education Portal starting on February 4th. To simplify the process, you can use the link below.


There are three application methods available (Online, by phone at (718) 935-2009, or in-person at a Family Welcome Center).

*When applying, ensure that you select Brooklyn Amity School as your program of choice (Code: 3867 Shore Parkway - 22KADW - Brooklyn Amity School).

*After applying, please print your confirmation receipt and email it to our PreK Director, Ms. Munisa, at

The Department of Education must approve your UPK application for our school before you can proceed with formal enrollment at Brooklyn Amity.


Additionally, you must also submit a Brooklyn Amity application and pay an application fee to be entered into our school database. However, once you complete the formal enrollment, the application fee will be refunded to you.

Application Steps

Application Process for Brooklyn Amity School:
A Journey to Excellence

Thank you for considering Brooklyn Amity School as the educational home for your child. Our application process is designed to ensure a smooth and comprehensive experience for families seeking to join our vibrant community of learners. Whether you're enrolling in our FREE 3-K and Pre-K programs or exploring our exceptional private K-12 offerings, we are delighted to guide you through the steps:

Exploration and Inquiry 

Begin by exploring our website to gain insight into Brooklyn Amity's unique educational approach, values, and offerings. If you have any initial questions, our Admissions Office is here to assist you.

Contact Admissions

Reach out to our Admissions Office at or call (718) 891-6100 to express your interest, schedule a campus tour, or request more information. Our friendly staff is here to answer your questions and help you navigate the process.

School Tour

Experience our campus firsthand by scheduling a personalized tour. Touring our state-of-the-art facilities will give you a glimpse into our engaging learning environment, dedicated faculty, and vibrant student life.

Application Submission

Complete the online application form, providing accurate and comprehensive information about your child. You can find the application form on our website under the Admissions section.

Application Fee

A non-refundable application $50 fee is required at the time of submission. This fee helps us process your application and will be applied toward tuition. 

#6: Documentation

Ensure a smooth application process by gathering and submitting essential documents to Brooklyn Amity School. Please provide the following materials based on the corresponding grade levels:

  • Early-Childhood Program (UPK, Kindergarten): Recent report cards (if available), letters of recommendation, Gifted & Talented (G&T) results.

  • Elementary (Gr. 1-5): Most recent report cards, recent standardized test scores (NYS Math/ELA, G&T results, Iowa Assessments, ERB/ISEE, Terranova, etc.), letters of recommendation, and a comprehensive transcript from the current school.

  • Middle School (Gr. 6-8): Present the most recent report cards, up-to-date standardized test scores (NYS Math/ELA, Iowa Assessments, ERB/ISEE, Terranova, etc.), letters of recommendation, and a complete transcript from the current school.

  • High School (Gr. 9-12): Provide the latest report cards, recent standardized test scores (NYS Math/ELA, Iowa Assessments, ERB/ISEE, Terranova, TACHS, SSAT), letters of recommendation, and a comprehensive transcript.

These documents help us gain a comprehensive understanding of your child's academic journey and ensure appropriate placement within our engaging and dynamic educational environment.

#7: Parent/Guardian Interview

We value open communication and collaboration. A meeting with our Admissions Team will provide an opportunity for you to share your aspirations for your child's education and to learn more about Brooklyn Amity.

Student Assessment (Grades K-12) 

Depending on the grade level, students may be invited to participate in an assessment to ensure proper academic placement.

#9: Notification 

Once your application is reviewed and processed, you will receive an official notification from our Admissions Office regarding your child's acceptance status.

#10: Enrollment & Seat Confirmation 

Upon acceptance, secure your child's seat by completing the enrollment process, including submitting any required enrollment fees.

#11: Orientation 

We look forward to welcoming your child to our Brooklyn Amity family. Details about orientation and the upcoming school year will be provided to ensure a smooth transition.

Registration Steps

Enrolling at Brooklyn Amity School is a straightforward and supportive process that ensures a seamless transition for your child. Our registration process begins with an invitation to connect with our Finance Department. Once your child's acceptance has been confirmed, we encourage you to schedule a meeting with our finance team to discuss tuition, payment plans, available financial aid, scholarships, and early enrollment incentives. This step helps you make informed decisions about your child's education.


Subsequently, you will be required to submit essential documents, including copies of the student's birth certificate, proof of current address, parent photo-ID, and updated immunization records. This crucial step ensures that we have all the necessary information to initiate the enrollment process smoothly. Our dedicated staff is readily available to guide you through each stage, making the journey towards becoming a part of the Brooklyn Amity School community a positive and empowering experience.

!!! Please be aware that we do not consider applications from students entering their Grade 12 year after the month of October.

#1: Schedule a Meeting with the Finance Department 

Once your formal acceptance to Brooklyn Amity is confirmed, your initial registration step involves arranging a meeting with our finance department. During this meeting, you will have the opportunity to discuss tuition details, payment plans, financial aid and scholarship options, as well as explore early enrollment incentives.


Feel free to contact us via email or phone to schedule an appointment at your convenience:

#2: Submission of Required Documents

Prior to your scheduled finance department meeting, kindly ensure that you bring copies of essential documents, including the student's birth certificate, proof of current address, parent photo-ID, and updated immunization records. These documents will be needed for the registration process.

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