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International Students

International Students Handbook

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Building Success Together

Dear Parents,

We extend our warmest congratulations on your decision to entrust your child's education to Amity School. Your choice reflects a strong commitment to their growth and development, and we deeply appreciate the trust and support you place in us.

To ensure a prosperous journey in our educational community, effective communication and a collaborative student-parent-school relationship are essential. Hence, the first section of the Registration Folder is dedicated to outlining the guidelines and expectations for both students and parents. We kindly request that you carefully review and comprehend these guidelines, signing them as a testament to our shared commitment.

It is vital to note that certain documents within the folder have stipulated deadlines. We urge you to complete and sign all required documents by their designated dates to facilitate a seamless registration process.

Once your completed documents are received, our administration team will securely retain this folder for future reference. Similar to a student visa, this folder will serve as a valuable point of reference in case of any student-parent-school interactions.

As we embark on this educational journey together, may your child experience continued academic growth and accomplishments throughout the upcoming school year.

Warm regards,

Administration Team
Brooklyn Amity School

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