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STEAM Education

STEAM Education Program

Cultivating Critical Thinkers: Brooklyn Amity's Innovative STEAM Approach

At Brooklyn Amity School, our educational philosophy revolves around a dynamic and thought-provoking approach to inquiry-based learning and teaching.


Our distinctive STEAM-based program seamlessly interweaves the arts, elective sciences, and core subject matter, creating a powerful synergy that fuels a holistic and comprehensive learning experience.

This distinctive approach empowers Brooklyn Amity to seamlessly align its curriculum with a robust framework of learning objectives, standards, assessments, and meticulously crafted lesson designs. Through this framework, students are equipped with a comprehensive toolkit that fosters intellectual growth and empowers them to navigate an ever-evolving world with confidence and creativity.

Our STEAM learning methodology bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. By applying the principles of mathematics, science, arts, and technology to real-world challenges, students engage in hands-on learning activities and unleash their creative potential through innovative design.

STEAM is far more than a mere amalgamation of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics; it represents a realm of boundless opportunities where these disciplines converge to forge exciting new horizons. Through STEAM, students embark on interdisciplinary explorations, delving into captivating domains such as bioengineering, biotechnology, photography, forensics, design, and filmmaking.

At Brooklyn Amity, we believe in nurturing critical thinkers who possess the dexterity to tackle complex problems and envision innovative solutions. Our STEAM approach serves as a beacon guiding students toward becoming astute, adaptable, and forward-thinking individuals prepared to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities of the modern world.

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