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Discover the Amity School Experience: Open House

Embark on a journey of exploration and insight into the dynamic world of Amity School through our exclusive Open House events. These gatherings provide a unique opportunity for prospective parents and students to immerse themselves in our cutting-edge facilities and vibrant student life, gaining an authentic glimpse into the Pioneer Academy community. Upon registration, you'll receive a warm invitation to embark on a personalized tour guided by our Admissions Team. This intimate setting allows you to delve deeper into the heart of Amity's educational philosophy, curriculum offerings, diverse programs, and the overarching ethos that shapes our learning environment and community spirit.

Meet our esteemed teaching faculty, who will be on hand to discuss various facets of our educational landscape, ranging from our rigorous curriculum and outstanding college placement track record to academic expectations, assessment practices, enriching extracurricular activities, and service-learning initiatives. Safety protocols and any queries or concerns you may have will also be addressed during these engaging interactions.

Mark your calendars for our upcoming Open Houses. Join us as we extend a warm invitation to experience Amity School firsthand and embark on a journey of educational excellence and growth.

Schedule a visit

To schedule a visit to Amity School, kindly complete the form or reach out to our Admissions Officers directly at or by phone at (718) 891-6100.


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