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Reflecting on a Day of Professional Development

Stephanie O'Daniel captivates the audience as she presents a slide on 'Promoting Engagement and Achievement in a Community of Learners' during her engaging presentation.
Stephanie O'Daniel shares insights on 'Promoting Engagement and Achievement in a Community of Learners' in her compelling presentation.

On January 29, 2024, educators and administrators gathered for a day of professional development, embracing opportunities for growth and collaboration.

The day commenced with a nourishing breakfast, setting a positive atmosphere for what would unfold. Teachers eagerly participated in sessions designed to enhance their skills and foster a collaborative community.

Stephanie O’Daniel led an insightful session on promoting engagement and achievement within a community of learners. For elementary school teachers, Callie Pinkas delved into exploring modifications and accommodations for students with learning differences, while middle and high school teachers benefited from Stephanie O’Daniel’s guidance on providing effective feedback.

A well-deserved lunch break allowed K-12 teachers to recharge, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose.

In the afternoon sessions, Stephanie O’Daniel guided K-12 teachers in aligning objectives, questions, and assessments using Bloom's Taxonomy. Simultaneously, administrators actively participated in Callie Pinkas's session focused on building a professional learning community and developing effective teams.

Throughout the day, participants utilized provided links to sign in for each session, and valuable feedback was collected through post-evaluation forms.

As the day concluded, a sense of accomplishment prevailed, emphasizing the commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in education.


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