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A Memorable Boat Tour and Fishing Trip for High School Seniors

Amity Seniors on the boat, Lady Flamingo, leaving the marina at 6:45 am in Brooklyn.
Amity Seniors set off on an early morning adventure aboard the Lady Flamingo, departing the Brooklyn marina at 6:45 am.

Brooklyn Amity School recently organized a fantastic boat tour and fishing trip for our high school seniors, offering a memorable experience right before their graduation. The excitement was palpable as the seniors gathered at the marina at 6:15 am, eagerly anticipating the day's adventure.

The journey began aboard the Lady Flamingo, a well-known boat expertly run by Captain Bob. The group departed at 6:45 am sharp, with spirits high and the morning weather perfect for a day out on the water.

As the Lady Flamingo cruised through the waters, the students were thrilled to see schools of fish surrounding the boat. Bluefish were literally jumping out of the water, creating a spectacular sight and an even better opportunity for an exciting fishing experience. Every student had the chance to cast their lines and reel in their catches. By the end of the trip, a total of 25 fish had been caught and placed in the bucket, a testament to the students' enthusiasm and fishing skills.

Despite a change in weather around 11:30 am when rain began to fall, the spirits on the boat remained high. The rain did little to dampen the fun and enjoyment of the day. The students' laughter and camaraderie, combined with the thrill of fishing, made the trip an unforgettable event.

This outing was more than just a fishing trip; it was a celebration of their time at Brooklyn Amity School, a chance to bond with classmates, and create lasting memories. The experience was full of fun and enjoyment, a perfect send-off for our graduating seniors.

We are proud to have provided such a wonderful opportunity for our students and are certain that this event will be remembered fondly for years to come.

Congratulations to our high school seniors, and may the future hold even more exciting adventures for you all!


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