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Amity High School Students Volunteer at NYC Marathon 2023

At Brooklyn Amity School, we believe in instilling a sense of community service and fostering a spirit of giving back. On a crisp morning on the 5th of November 2023, our high school students eagerly embraced an extraordinary opportunity to volunteer at the renowned NYC Marathon.

The NYC Marathon, a global celebration of resilience and determination, draws participants from all walks of life. Our students, embodying the school's commitment to community engagement, gathered early at 5:30 am, ready to contribute to this iconic event. Guided to 7th Avenue and 77th Street in Brooklyn, they were briefed by the dedicated NYC Marathon staff about the tasks ahead.

Fueling up for the day, our students enjoyed a hearty breakfast, sipped on coffee, indulged in bagels, and stocked up on snacks – essential preparations for a day filled with energy and enthusiasm. The task at hand was no small feat – filling thousands of cups with water, Gatorade, and energy drinks to sustain the runners as they embarked on their marathon journey.

This year's NYC Marathon held a special significance as Ali Baba, our esteemed Music Teacher, marked an incredible milestone – completing his 27th consecutive marathon. To honor his dedication, our students, true to the spirit of support and camaraderie, went above and beyond. Our students came together to create a heartwarming poster that read, "Run Ali Baba Run, You Are Epic." This gesture not only reflected the admiration our students have for their teachers but also added an extra layer of inspiration to the day.

As the sun rose higher in the sky, the waves of runners began, each comprising around 10,000 individuals eager to conquer the marathon. Undeterred, our students worked tirelessly, seamlessly handing out refreshments and replenishing supplies for the next wave. The energy was contagious, and the commitment unwavering.

By 2 pm, the last wave of runners had passed our water station, and our mission was successfully accomplished. As a token of appreciation, the NYC Marathon staff graciously gifted each volunteer a pin and a beanie – tangible reminders of their contribution to this monumental event.

Participating in the NYC Marathon was not merely an act of volunteering; it was an opportunity for our students to witness firsthand the grit and determination of individuals from diverse backgrounds, all united by the pursuit of a common goal. It was a day that left an indelible mark on our students, emphasizing the power of community, service, and the extraordinary feats achievable through collective effort.

Brooklyn Amity School takes pride in nurturing students who actively engage with the world around them, and this experience at the NYC Marathon exemplifies our commitment to fostering compassionate and involved global citizens.


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