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🌟 Unveiling Innovation: A Day with Joe Landolina at Brooklyn Amity School! 🌿

📸 Had an incredible day at Brooklyn Amity School with the brilliant guest speaker, Joe Landolina! 🎤👏

Joe Landolina, the CEO and Co-Founder of Cresilon, Inc., shared his inspiring journey with us. From his early days experimenting with natural materials to developing an adhesive hemostatic gel composed of plant-based polymers, Joe's passion for innovation in wound care was truly remarkable. 🌿💡

With the help of his partner Isaac Miller, Joe founded Cresilon, Inc., a Brooklyn-based medical device company, to refine and manufacture the gel technology he invented. They recognized the critical need for an effective solution to stop bleeding in both veterinary and human medicine. 🩸⚕️

Out of Joe's groundbreaking invention came VETIGEL®, our proprietary product that revolutionizes hemostasis in veterinary medicine. This faster and more reliable solution has made a significant impact on both routine treatments and complex operations performed by veterinarians. 🐾✨

But it doesn't stop there! The Cresilon team is dedicated to expanding the applications of their gel technology. With one shared mission in mind - saving lives - they are committed to improving wound care and advancing the standard of medical treatment. 💪❤️

It was an incredible opportunity for the high school students at Brooklyn Amity School to meet Joe Landolina and learn from his expertise. The day was incredibly productive and eye-opening, filled with insightful conversations and inspiring questions. 🙌✨



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